Due to the existing legal differences between Russia and Spain in the fields of technical and construction law and real estate law attorney in Ispandomus perform a number of valuable findings and prior to the acquisition of properties precautions to avoid making judgments and standard errors classics avoidable.

ISPANDOMUS certifies that the properties described in this website have passed a thorough physical and legal control before being cataloged and meet all the technical and legal conditions for purchase with confidence for their foreign / Russian clients.

We search for all types of properties (apartment, house, villa, office, shop, warehouse, solar, rural property, etc.) located anywhere on the Costa del Sol or the Costa Tropical tailored to the needs or indications of our customers and select securities that are eligible for purchase by approving the preliminary control of ISPANDOMUS.

ISPANDOMUS ensures that foreign investors buying real estate with full legal certainty. To do this, before perfecting the sale requires the Land Registry showing the vendor as owner of the property and that it lacks any kind of restriction on title, liens or encumbrances. Similarly, ISPANDOMUS ensures that the property is free of tenants without tax obligations or shares outstanding community owners. If you decide to make the purchase, ISPANDOMUS manages all notary, registration, administrative and tax procedures until complete closure of the operation. The foreign owner of a property in Spain can give ISPANDOMUS professionals managing your property or your legal representative or attorney to fulfill their obligations and defend their legitimate rights before administrative or tax authorities, and to lease, manage, encumber or transfer their real estate. All legal ISPANDOMUS activity expands in the LEGAL section of this website.

If you know of any property outside the catalog in our website and additional information prior to purchase ISPANDOMUS professionals examine the legal situation and the state of the building so that, in case of exceeding control tests, can purchase with absolute confidence.

ISPANDOMUS specialists offer a wide range of architectural services aimed at meeting the needs of our clients property owners in southern Spain / Costa del Sol or the Costa Tropical. Among others, include:

  • Comprehensive project of residential and industrial architecture, including project management and execution of the works
  • Rehabilitation and restoration
  • Change of use of buildings
  • Building permits or activity
  • Removal of architectural barriers
  • Interior design
  • Technical inspection of buildings (I.T.E.)
  • Expert reports and valuations
  • As-built architectural plans of the current state
  • Certificates of Occupancy
  • Energy certificates
  • Advice on any technical or legal questions you present your project or property

Members of ISPANDOMUS offer our collaboration to all the entities and real estate professionals interested in Russian investment itself or its clients in Spain / Costa del Sol or the Costa Tropical.